Home Repair

This activity will help preserve single family, LMI owner occupied housing stock by providing households with limited financial assistance to correct one or tow significant problems.  Home Repair funds will be spent to repair or replace one or two systems that effect the occupant’s health and safety and/or structural integrity.


This activity’s purpose will be to provide major repairs or replacement to single family housing units with a health or safety hazard.  These homes must be occupied by families having a total household annual income below 80% of the median income and must have a serious repair need. 


The target population will benefit LMI households with incomes at or below 80% of the median income and living in substandard housing.  Priority will be given to households that clearly identify an emergency situation.  Funded activities are based on first come first serve.


The types of work that are generally considered to be eligible for the Home Repair activity include the following:

·        Structural System repairs and replacements

·        Mechanical System repairs and replacements

·        Water or Sewer Tap-ins

·        Well and Septic System repairs and replacements

·        Accessibility Improvements

·        Lead Based Paint Hazard Control Work


If the property cannot be brought up to RRS with the funds available, we will implement our Walk-Away policy.